TULA advises start-ups on all steps to secure funding

from kick-off to closing – and beyond

Finding the perfect investor can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. TULA simplifies the process and helps you find the ideal investor amidst the overwhelming options and noise in the market.


Navigating the funding maze is more complex than you think.

Securing the Right Investor

The funding process resembles a complex maze where finding your ideal investor feels like locating a needle in a haystack. Amidst constant noise from various channels, navigating through countless options is overwhelming and resource-intensive.

Understanding the Needs

Each investor evaluates startups in their own unique way, leading to a whirlwind of expectations and requirements. This creates an intricate puzzle, where not just identifying an investor, but understanding their needs is a time-consuming task.

Bridging the Trust Gap

The inherent information asymmetry between startups and investors presents a ‘principal-agent’ problem. In this dynamic landscape, rigorous and meticulous due diligence becomes critical to mitigate risks and ensure transparency and trust.

Overcoming Obstacles

You excel in your field, but the complexities and nuances of financing and transactional matters can become roadblocks. They slow down transactions, potentially leading to protracted negotiations, unfulfilled deals, and unnecessary expenses.

Five Simple Steps to Financing

TULA advises start-ups on all steps to secure financing.


Kick-off meeting, identifying and structuring your financing needs
Signing engagement letter, completing market sounding questionnaire and finalizing investor package



Investor matching, anonymous market sounding, individual deep dives and indicative funding offers from investors
Due Diligence
Selection of financing partners, due diligence, binding term sheet, finalizing of financing documentation



Signing & Closing
Notarization (if required), completion of closing conditions, future financing strategy
  1. Kick-off
    Kick-off meeting, identifying your financing needs
  2. Deep Dive
    Signing of NDA & Fee Agreement, review and fine-tuning of your investor pack
  3. Indicative Financing Terms
    Introducing your startup to our network, obtaining funding offers from interested investors
  4. Due Diligence & Documentation
    Selection of financing partners, kick-off, due diligence, binding term sheet, financing documentation
  5. Signing, Closing & Beyond
    Notarization (if required), closing conditions, monitoring, future financing strategy

Your funding offer

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