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TULA enables startups to find the right form of financing for their business model. Fast, transparent and simple.

More Reach, Less Effort

TULA serves as your funding beacon, increasing
your visibility while facilitating seamless contact with investors. Our platform lets you focus on what truly matters – growing your startup, while we build your investor and funding pipeline.

Tailored Opportunities

TULA pairs your startup with the ideal investors from our network of 500+ partners. We streamline the process, providing funding opportunities aligned with your strategy. We facilitate the procurement of terms, easing your journey to secure financing.

Efficiency First

The traditional routes of attending networking events, demo days, and conventions are inefficient and time-consuming. TULA redefines efficiency, enabling you to focus on suitable investor consortiums and expedite deal closures.

Success-Based Partnership

Our services come with no upfront fees, no break fees and no strings attached. TULA is compensated only upon successful funding – we’re invested in your success. With us, enjoy the benefits of a trust-based relationship.

The right financing for your startup

TULA gives you access to a diverse range of venture capital and venture debt financing options. Collaboratively, we assess your capital needs and identify the best financing solution tailored to your business model and current startup situation.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is a form of private equity financing that is provided to startups and early-stage companies with strong growth potential. Investors, known as venture capitalists, provide funding in exchange for equity ownership, often taking an active role in the company’s development.

Venture Debt

Venture debt is a type of debt financing provided to early-stage companies, typically alongside or following a venture capital investment. This form of financing offers capital without further diluting ownership, but it usually comes with higher interest rates and warrants that may convert to equity.

Revenue-based Financing

Revenue-based financing is a funding method where investors provide capital to a business in exchange for a percentage of the company’s ongoing gross revenues. This model aligns the repayment schedule with the company’s revenue streams, reducing the burden during slow periods and increasing it during growth.

Subscription-based Financing

Subscription-based financing is a recurring investment model where investors provide funds to a company on a regular basis, such as monthly or annually, often in exchange for equity or debt securities. This method can provide businesses with a predictable and continuous source of capital, aligning investors’ interests with long-term growth.

Asset-based Financing

Asset-based financing is a loan or line of credit secured by a company’s tangible or intangible assets, such as inventory, accounts receivable, or equipment. This provides businesses with immediate cash flow, allowing them to leverage existing assets while typically paying a higher interest rate due to the perceived risk.


Factoring is a financial transaction where a company sells its accounts receivable to a third party (the factor) at a discount. This allows the company to receive immediate cash and transfer the responsibility of collecting the debt, but often at the cost of a reduced profit margin due to the discounting and fees involved.

Five Simple Steps to Financing

TULA advises start-ups on all steps to secure financing.






Kick-off meeting, identifying and structuring your financing needs
Signing engagement letter, completing market sounding questionnaire and finalizing investor package
Investor matching, anonymous market sounding, individual deep dives and indicative funding offers from investors
Due Diligence
Selection of financing partners, due diligence, binding term sheet, finalizing of financing documentation
Signing & Closing
Notarization (if required), completion of closing conditions, future financing strategy
  1. Kick-off
    Kick-off meeting, identifying your financing needs
  2. Deep Dive
    Signing of NDA & Fee Agreement, review and fine-tuning of your investor pack
  3. Indicative Financing Terms
    Introducing your startup to our network, obtaining funding offers from interested investors
  4. Due Diligence & Documentation
    Selection of financing partners, kick-off, due diligence, binding term sheet, financing documentation
  5. Signing, Closing & Beyond
    Notarization (if required), closing conditions, monitoring, future financing strategy


Team Experience

Seasoned professionals with relevant expertise and a proven track record. Extensive industry experience enabling TULA to tackle complex challenges and deliver exceptional results.

Structuring Advantage

Expertise in optimizing capital structure to maximize financial performance and minimize risk. Variety and depth of 500+ financing partners to cater to ideal capital structure.

Process Efficiency

Streamlined workflows and well-defined processes for seamless project execution. No frills approach ensuring quick turnaround times without compromising quality.

Data-driven Algorithm

Cutting-edge data analysis tools to precisely identify correct financing opportunity. Robust matching capabilities to connect startups with the most suitable financing options.

Meet the team

We are TULA. Here for you.

Dominik Loroff


Robert Nachama


Oriana Löwenstein

Growth Associate

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A financing advisor, such as TULA, plays a vital role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We serve as intermediaries, helping start-ups find suitable funding sources and navigate the complex financing landscape. This benefits start-ups by saving them precious time and resources, enabling them to focus more on their core operations and growth initiatives. In this way, TULA acts as a catalyst for start-ups, accelerating their path towards achieving their financial and business objectives.

TULA has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities unique to the start-up landscape. We use this knowledge, along with our extensive network of investors and financial institutions, to effectively match start-ups with suitable financing options. Through our platform, start-ups gain access to a range of potential financing providers, who can provide the funds necessary for expansion, research and development, marketing initiatives, and more. The aim is to streamline the funding process, making it easier for start-ups to secure the financial resources they need.

TULA is equipped to connect start-ups with a wide variety of financing options. This includes everything from seed investors, who offer early-stage financing, to venture capital firms looking for high-growth potential, and private equity funds for more established businesses. We also provide access to non-equity financing such as venture debt financing and alternative financing options such as subscription-based financing or asset-based / inventory financing. Our goal is to help start-ups explore and secure the most suitable type of funding mix for their needs, stage of development, and strategic goals.

At TULA, we believe in maximizing capital efficiency, an essential aspect of a start-up’s financial health. We achieve this by meticulously structuring the company’s liabilities, balancing between equity and debt in a way that minimizes cost and optimizes financial performance. This approach helps start-ups maintain a sustainable growth trajectory, allowing them to invest more efficiently in areas that generate value and provide a solid return on investment.

TULA consists of Dominik Loroff and Robert Nachama, who have a combined 20 years of experience in the areas of venture financing, banking, and asset management. We have a proven track record in start-up financing and capital structuring. Sophia Krause, our VP growth, has many years of experience as a product owner in software development.

Start-ups interested in our services can initiate the process by submitting some key data on our platform. Our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation, assessing the start-up’s potential, its financial needs, and other relevant factors. Based on this assessment, TULA identifies suitable financiers from our broad network. The result is a carefully curated list of potential financing providers that best match the start-up’s unique needs and goals, paving the way for successful funding rounds.

TULA operates on a success fee basis. This means that we charge a fee only after a successful funding round. The fee is a percentage of the funds raised, which ensures that our interests are aligned with those of the start-ups we serve.

TULA serves a diverse range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, renewable energy, e-commerce, and many others. Our team’s broad industry experience, combined with an expansive network of investors and financiers, enables us to source and secure funding for start-ups operating in a wide array of industries. This diversity reflects our commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial growth across the economic spectrum.

Choosing TULA for your start-up financing needs offers numerous advantages. Our team of seasoned professionals provides personalized, efficient, and effective financing solutions, tailored to the unique needs and objectives of your start-up. Our extensive network of financing providers and our success-oriented fee structure further add to the value we provide. When you choose TULA, you’re not just securing a financing advisor — you’re gaining a strategic partner committed to facilitating your start-up’s growth and success.


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