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Benefit from TULA’s exceptional team of experienced funding experts with extensive specialized knowledge and a strong network.
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Get matched with the right funding partner efficiently and easily with TULA’s expert knowledge and data-driven solutions

Decades of experience

Led by industry experts Dominik and Robert and their diverse expertise and successful track records, the TULA team enables young start-ups to overcome more complex (funding) challenges and reach their full potential.

Process efficiency

TULA’s streamlined workflows and clearly defined processes ensure seamless project execution. Our agile approach ensures short turnaround times without compromising quality.

Structuring advantage

Our expertise in capital structure optimization is critical to maximizing your financial performance and minimizing your risk. The diversity of our financing partners helps to achieve an optimal capital structure.

Data-empowered decision-making

TULA uses state-of-the-art data analysis tools and algorithms to accurately identify the right investment and financing opportunities. Our proven matching process to connect startups with the most suitable financing options ensures all-around successful partnerships.

Cash Flow
11.5 months
6.33 months
CAC Payback Period
Efficiency Score
Growth Rate
Financial Health
Gross Profit Margin
Leverage Ratio

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